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Guest post from Teawithonesugarplease: Conversations with my daughter aged 3 years and 9 months.

This is a guest post from the wonderful teawithonesugarplease.  She has twins and a little girl.  She’s a lovely blogger and, unlike me, very well groomed and knows her Manolo’s from her Mango. She’s also a Gurgle Girl, like me!

The Curly Haired Beauty was our much longed for little girl but my goodness sometimes its exhausting having to listen to her without getting impatient.

‘Mummy can I touch your eyebrows please?’
‘Yes dear, but remember to be gentle’
‘Mmmmm soft and cuddly, nice and soft’ as she stokes my eyebrows. Right time to book in for a threading and waxing session with Nina at Cobella (she creates great arches I never knew I had). I know I have not kept on top of my beauty regime but when your child comments on your eyebrow’s hairiness its time to take action.
‘Mummy what’s your favourite colour, red or blue?’
‘No mummy you have blue and I have red’
‘Mummy what’s your favourite colour, pink or purple?’
‘No mummy I have pink you can have purple’. This goes on for a long time - she knows a lot of colours, including magenta, turquoise, silver.
‘Mummy what’s your?? I interrupt before she can finish ‘Why don’t you choose a colour for mummy to like?’
‘No, no no mummy you have to choose one’.
‘Mummy, girls wear knickers and boys wear boxers’
‘Yes, Mummy wears knickers, daddy wears boxers and babies wear nappies’
‘I see’
‘Mummy what does grandma wear?
‘She wears knickers’ is my reply. Cue peals of laughter from CHB for some unknown reason…
‘Mummy can I please have something delicious to eat?’
‘How about a sweet mini orange (clementine) or a crunchy red apple?’
‘No mummy I want a cookie’
‘We don’t have any cookies, mummy has to go shopping and buy some more’
‘Mummy they are up there I can see them in the red box with the flowers on it, on top of the fridge’
Ah busted by my kid.
When she was 18 months old her first longest sentence was ‘ uh oh no batteries, go shopping and buy some more’. We were delighted on her grasp of language and logic but it should have given us an indication of things to come! She is now a mean negotiated and will always want things her way. Its a relief dealing with the twins who can’t answer back and do as they are told, well more or less for 14 month corrected baby boys.
She has started her second year of Pre-school and talks a lot. In fact she really doesn’t stop – D pointed out that she takes after me in that department – cheers D lay the blame on me. At night when she should be asleep, she is having conversations with her dolls re-enacting the days event. Giving out stickers for being good ‘well done, good job’. She likes to line them up ready for lunch club and hands out the pretend lunch bag ‘Is this your lunch bag?’ ‘No’ ‘Is this your lunch bag?’ ‘Yes’. Later I go in to check on her and find her asleep on the floor in the tightest of spots with a heap of toys on top of her. She has managed to sticker all the surfaces including the rug.

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