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Running Mummy Returns

Ok, I’m not above begging.  I’m running 10k on Saturday to raise money for Cancer Research. Having just today been to have my first ever mammogram this feels rather apt and timely. Hence this last ditch attempt to get some sponsorship.

My mother had breast cancer and she died when I was too young, so this is just a small thing I can do I try and help those boffins in white coats work towards better treatments and maybe a cure. Children shouldn’t have to grow up without their mums, it’s not right. I was one of the lucky ones, I have an incredibly supportive, loving family around me and I’m fine (sort of, if you discount the crazy chemical cocktail in my brain that sometimes gets out of whack) but cancer needs to be fought with science in my opinion, and that needs money.

So all you have to do is visit my JustGiving page, by pressing ‘donate’ on the flashy button above. Tomorrow I will move it so it will be handily located to your right.  I really will be grateful for any donation at all.  I have not done enough training but I assure you I WILL finish (alive hopefully).

Thank you. You are great. x


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