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Peace: my biggest priority

As I was driving along the M3 on Sunday, trying to sort out the muddle in my head, because it is ALWAYS in a muddle and driving is a good time to organise it, I thought about how different my life is now, compared to this time last year.

Last year I didn’t write this blog, I didn’t have a Twitter account.  Now I have three blogs and two Twitter accounts.  There is no doubt it has made my life richer; it has ignited my desire to write and led me writing my first novel. It has given me endless support and advice and friendship. It has forced me to look at the industry in which I work and analyse what is happening in a, hopefully, smart way for my PR blog http://www.practicallyreality.com/.

But there have been downsides too.

Mainly time.  I have undoubtedly lost time.  Time chatting with my husband and time to just be and relax.  Some of the time I’ve lost has been worth losing.  Time watching crap on television for example. I haven’t lost any time with my children though.  My time with them is impossible to lose – they simply wouldn’t let me, there’s little chance of ignoring a 2 year old and a 1 one year old and they won’t let me open the mac without getting their grubby little fingers all over it.

There are many things vying for top priority in my head right now.  Work, always a source of anxiety. My children, are they developing okay? Am I doing a decent job of being their mum? My health, am I looking after myself enough? My marriage, am I nurturing it properly? My family, do I see enough of them? Friends, ditto. My book, will I ever finish it? Is it any good anyway and will anyone want to publish it? 

And then I take on extra projects, other things I commit to doing that I simply know I don’t have time for but I just want to do.

So all I want right now is some peace. I want the voices in my head to calm down and stop badgering me, I want to just be for a bit.

And then I remember.  I am going on my short trip soon with Jonathan.  That’s when I can have some peace. That’s when I can relax.

This post was inspired by Josie’s Writing Workshop. Prompt: What is your priority at the moment?


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