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Back in the saddle: Guest post from Marketing to Milk

*This week’s guest post is from Henrietta from the honest & funny blog (can you tell the type of blogs I like??) Marketing to Milk. After being a stay at home mum for the past couple of years Henrietta’s taken the plunge and has gone back to work on a short term contract. Here she writes about the experience of returning – anyone who’s done the same, or indeed anyone who works in an office will probably find this scarily familiar. I know I did!.

So you’ve just come back to work from a long holiday – 3 weeks travelling in Mexico – it was your honeymoon, your Mexican father’s 60th birthday, or maybe you were just taking the *iss a bit on work time. In any case, you’d been very careful to hand everything over before you went. You were going to be away for A-G-E-S and the last thing you wanted was them ringing you while you were two wheels short of a bicycle off your head on Tequila.

And now you’re back. You’ve recounted your stories of adventure, partying, post marital sex for all to enjoy. But now it’s time to get back down to business. You turn to your colleague Shelley “So, how did that project launch go while i was gone?” *blank stare* So you elaborate a little, maybe it’s been so manic everyone’s minds are befuzzled. “You know, the “count down to Christmas campaign?” *still blank* So you continue “The high profile, mustn’t be late or our heads will be on the block, celebrity endorsed by some z-list model cum actress that used to promote Cadbury’s flake in the 80s, campaign?”.

And then it slowly starts to dawn on you. It’s as if time has stood still. And the weirdest thing? It’s not that your colleagues have been lazy and you’re about to feel the heat of your manager. He’s not that bothered either.

Only when you’ve been away from the office for a while do you realise quite how little gets done. How time moves forward at a snails pace. A bit like evolution really, change happening so slowly you can’t see it through the eyes of days/weeks/months, only years.

That’s exactly what it was like going back to work after 2 years off.

For those that read my blog, you’ll know i’d been offered a 4 month contract by an old colleague totally out of the blue. I hadn’t been looking for work. Had resigned myself to being a stay- at-home mum for a few more years. But the opportunity came along and i thought “what the heck”.

I expected to feel like a bit of a dork going back. Old. A bit knackered. A few screws loose in the old mummy brain. Now junior to a whole host of pretty young things that had usurped my place while i was busy breeding. But within the first hour of rejoining the workforce I felt like I’d never been away.
There is something faintly depressing about it. But there’s also something hugely reassuring. I’ve still “got it”. I can still kick it with the rest of them, teach them a thing or two. Maybe not about the latest social media widget that’s taking over the world, but about the world itself.

Hurrah!  *sashays away in pencil skirt with snot trails hardly noticeable on knees where enthusiastic toddler has hugged her that morning*


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