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The children’s party dilemma

This week’s guest post is from my friend Jane at Northern Mummy with Southern Children.  She’s just recently started her blog and frankly she should have done it ages ago because she’s bloody brilliant.  Here she recounts, very amusingly, a classic dilemma that anyone with two children or even better twins should read. Don’t forget if you’d like to guest post here just email me by pressing the button on the right. 

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It took me a while to respond to Mrsmummyslife request for guest bloggers, purely because I have outrageous blog envy for her writing. I mean for a start it is very pretty over here with the lovely Eliza and Tilly hanging over my head. And truth be told this blog is the reason I blog, so you could say Holly is my inspiration or muse! Or after reading this you could argue that it’s her fault!

So hello itsamummyslife followers, nice to meet you.

It is anarchy over at my house today, twin boy came home from school in a state of destitute, instead of his usual elephant stomp into the front room which is always followed by impressive shoe kicking off and coat abandonment on the floor, he walked in quietly and hung his coat on the peg. Once I had got over the shock as to be honest I didn’t realise he even recognised that multi coloured thing on my wall with his name emblazed on it was an implement to hang coats on, I got ready to ask what was wrong.

Yet before I had a chance twin girl came bouncing in like Tigger on steroids. Her eyes were dancing with excitement, her fingers tightly ripping a balloon decorated sheet of paper. With an ear trained to understand hyper four year old speak I managed to get from her that she had been invited to a birthday party of a new friend from her new school and cor blimey governor was she excited about it!

I was also elated; after making the decision last year to separate the twins from their nursery buddies and send them to a school where they wouldn’t know anyone getting a birthday party invite was a mark of acceptance. Twin girl was making friends, she clearly has social skills, she is playing with other children, she is….

Being invited to a party on her own.

Oh bloody hell

Twin boy continued to sit silently on the sofa, clutching his school bag in his hands where he clearly desperately wants a party invite to be instead. Twin girl, who is renowned for her tact does a cracking impression of Nelson from The Simpsons with a ‘Har har – he’s not invited’

So I went into mummy compensation overdrive, consoling twin boy with the knowledge that sometimes little girls like to have parties with just girls and boys with just boys and one day he will get an invite that is just for him.

‘But mum’ Twin girl interjects elongating the word mum so it stretches across four sentences ‘Charlie is a boy’

Oh bloody hell

I rush over to my bookcase which is groaning under the weight of ‘never read because who has the time when you have three kids’ parenting books to look in the index for what to do. Gina Ford, Annabel Karmel, Dr Green, and Supernanny – you all fail me now!

Is it because his nose runs constantly like a stream, is it because he talks from the moment he wakes till the moment he shuts his eyes to recharge his mouth? Why oh why did my daughter get an invite to a party that my son didn’t? Have I failed him as a parent?

I call he who help create them in a panic,

‘It’s probably because the mum doesn’t know they are twins!’

Hmmmm – rational thinking from the man who spends most weekends shouting obscenities at other men chasing a ball around on the TV.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t insist my children do everything together, in fact they are often nicer when apart! However this is the first time we have had this problem and Twin boy looked so miserable in a way that tugged at my heart strings, so I did what any self respecting mummy of twins would do – I picked up the phone, called the number and begged for twin boy to be allowed to accompany his sister the latest church hall party as if it were an invite to the Oscars.

Clearly I am going soft in my old age!

She said yes by the way – and no she didn’t know they were twins.


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