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Post holiday not-so-blues

So the BEST thing about going on a cheeky break with your GBF away from your little angels, apart from the copious champagne quaffing, sunbathing, standing in a warm bath AKA the sea, chatting and calling it swimming and sleeping, alot, is this:

“Mummeeeeeeee!  Mummy’s home.  Look Tilly, Mummy’s here!!!!” then being swiftly knocked over as your first born child covers you in such a powerful, all encompassing, really rather incredible and unbelievably special cuddle. Followed by her managing to knock over a rapidly advancing Tilly, who was up until the moment of impact smiling delightedly at this person in the doorway (I hadn’t actually made it over the threshold) smiling wildly and calling her ‘Mouse’.

The feeling of not being utterly miserable and wholeheartedly depressed after what was, the best possible break I have had in many MANY years (possibly since my last holiday with Jonathan in Goa when we were both young, free and single-ish, well okay my honeymoon was pretty special come to think of it), was new to me.  Ordinarily you board the plane with a sense of forboding, depression looming as you remember that you have to go back to Real Life.

But not so this time. Ok I was VERY sad to leave Jonathan.  I mean come on you saw what he wrote about me? What tired, greying, wrinkly, not-quite-so-young-as-she-once-was mum wouldn’t want that sort of ‘readable’ blog post written about them? But the thing about Jonathan is that he is a one man walking, talking, CBT machine.  I mean, ok he’s not really a cognitive behavioural therapist. He’s actually a very clever PR man, comedy genius and an extremely generous soul, but he has such a way about him and such a skill in getting to the heart of your problems that you find that whilst you were quaffing back the sav blonc he’s managed to make you feel like a million dollars, inside and out.

Every girl must have one.  In fact he has gratifyingly decided to start another blog (he had one when he lived in New York, so it was only a matter of time), so do visit.  I’ve linked copiously in this blog post but in case you are living in a technologically challenged house here it is www.isitreadable.wordpress.com.

I had a cracking time. The girls were fine without me and were reassuringly happy to see me again (nice to feel wanted) and the best possible side effect was that him indoors spent some really good time with them and I think that’s done them all good.

So give me a day or so and the post holiday joy will have dissipated in the quagmire of reality, but until then I’m a very happy mummy and I have a whole load more memories to keep me going.


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