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Holy cow we did it. THE birthday party

So the night before last  him indoors and I had this sort of discusssion:

Him: “So how many children are coming?”

Me: “Well, about 15 or so..”

Him: “Or so? Right so about 20 then.”

Me:   “No, 15 it’ll be fine.”

Him:  ”Holly, you did of course count parents too when you were thinking how many we could have in this house didn’t you?”

Me: “Er… actually no, not really, I mean sort of, yes.”

So the point is I was having a touch of anxiety about the fact I’d invited lots of people to Eliza’s birthday party and I wasn’t entirely sure we had enough room, plus I needed to find a space for Mr Fruity Tunes (he’s great by the way, does a ‘set’ of songs and gives the children instruments and streamers and they LOVE it, if you need an entertainer I thoroughly recommend him).

I wanted to invite some of our new local friends, the children that she’s a nursery with.  All a bit random since even with my lopsided view of how many people we could house I knew we couldn’t fit the whole class. So it was a case of ‘I’ve spoken to you at the pre-school gates so would you like to come my daughter’s party’ type of thing, but frankly you have to start somewhere don’t you? I just really wanted Eliza to have a really good old fashioned fun birthday party.

So anyway they all came along so too did an array of other children of varying ages with their lovely parents like Northern Mum and her brilliant twins, now there’s 2 people guaranteed to get any party swinging, in fact I believe Jane may be hiring out twin girl for renditions of Happy Birthday (if you haven’t read her blog yet, you must it’s very funny).  Also the Perfectly Happy family, who’s little boys are very sweet and angelic looking with cheeky smiles. And no party in this house would be complete without Eliza and Tilly’s beloved cousins.

It was chaotic, but lots of fun and I think everyone had a good time.  So I’m really glad I made enough sandwiches to feed a small army and that I blew up so many balloons I was drunk with dizziness (honest that’s all it was) and that I moved so much furniture about I’d definitely get a job at Pickfords.  I’m not so glad I sunk almost a whole bottle of wine whilst watching X Factor though, that wasn’t such a smart move.

A great time had by all.

I must also add that I visited The Party Times for lots of inspiration and I got the party bags from there too, so thanks Lorraine – it made it all a lot less stressful!

Now I must start putting together the Working Mums carnival for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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