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The Working Mothers Carnival!

As a working mother life can sometimes feel like an endless helping of compromises with a pinch of guilt and side order of exhaustion. One of things I love about blogging is that I know that however I feel, I’m not alone in feeling it, and I know I’ll find some brilliant advice when I’m in a hole and I’ll have people to share the joy with when things are going well.

So I wanted to celebrated this, and create a carnival where any mother who’s ever had to work either at home or away from home can find inspiration, support and some really useful practical advice.  I hope you enjoy these brilliant posts. 
First up is the Ultimate Working Mother from BareNakedMummy, she proves that even before they can speak our children are being shown how well women can multitask! 
Working mums have to change and adapt to make life work for their families, but has the working world done the same?  Vegemitevix discusses the changes in her own life and asks if employers have moved on in this insightful post.  Some employers have adapted to help their employees, but is working from home really all that simple? The Moiderer gives some brilliant tips on how to handle this situation in her Rules for being a Work at Home Mum. 
Kristy from Pampers & Pinot talks about the upsides of being a working mum which is a breath of fresh air, in her post (which was a guest post for another blog by the way in case you’re confused) called Don’t let THE GUILT get you down - I read this one when I’m feeling really crap. In a similar vein is this heart warming post from Gibbogirlie, about how she has achieved the perfect balance in her 3 day working week (oh if only!) Susan K Mann talks about how she strives to achieve the balance and how she makes the most of her time with her boys. 
Then there’s this brilliantly practical post about returning to work after maternity leave from Caroline at Family Vie. On a similar subject is this hilarious post from Morethanjustamother in which she ponders the bliss of an uninterrupted toilet break when she returns to work after two and a half years ‘break’. 
Julie from The Sardine Tin asks us to ditch the term working mother, after all ALL mothers work, some might even get paid for it, but is it the right way to categorise ourselves? 
The Paris Ankara Express blog is written by three French sisters. Two write and one uses pictures. The two writers have contributed excellent posts about ‘having it all’ one focussing on some celebrity attitudes and one challenging the belief that we can’t possibly have it all, can we? Both very lively reads!
Some light relief now with Mums Rock’s brilliantly satirical post about advice for working dads. Another one to read when you need a laugh. 
No wonder working mums are such brilliant employees, we have learnt to balance about million different schedules, particularly when you have children at school as Helen from Pass the Chablis it’s 5pm shows us in this post (it makes you feel frantic just reading it!). 
GeekyMummy is one of my favourite working mum bloggers, she always helps me look on the bright side and now I know why.  In this post Life Squared she proves she really is THE Nina (of ..and the neurons fame) a brilliant scientist who also manages to be a brilliant mum.  Great stuff. 
Cass at The Frugal Family gives us some invaluable advice on how to be an organised mum. As a working mum being organised is vital and I seriously need to take her advice – particularly on the wall planner, I seem to turn up on the wrong day for too many things lately (children’s parties, doctors appointments, the 10k run…)
And finally here’s a cheeky post from Pippa at A Mother’s Ramblings, who looks at her day as a SAHM and where her time goes – I ‘allowed’ this one in as I think it’s good therapy to see that the grass isn’t always greener and that being at home is by no means less taxing than being at work (probably more so in many ways!). 
Anyway I do hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  Reading them certainly made me feel part of a supportive community and served to give me a few laughs along the way. I’m sure the individual bloggers would love your comments so do visit.

PS: If you had wanted to contribute but didn’t make it in time, then please feel free to link your post in comments.  The more the merrier!


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