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A chat with my toddler

“So Eliza you remember that Mummy’s going away for a couple of days for work tomorrow?”

“Why Mummy?”

“Well because I need to do some work.”

“Why Mummy?” Oh God, here we go..

“Because it’s my job darling, oh look is that a squirrel on the lawn?”

“Where Mummy?” Excellent the distraction worked.

“Over there look!”

“What’s it’s name Mummy?” It’s name? Oh goodness..

“The squirrel?”



“Why is it ‘Mima Mummy?” Not altogether convinced.

“Er, because that’s what it’s Mummy called her.”

I have broached the subject of my business trip a couple of times and this or something along these lines has invariably been the outcome.  Still at least I’ve told her, and I know from experience that on some level it will have sunk in.

In fact when we talked this morning she now knows I’m going to “Merica” and that I will bring her back ‘lots of presents!’.  So that’s sorted then.

Daddy’s in charge again!


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