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Tea Party

I don’t know much about the American midterms aside from the fact that right now a Democratic president is confronted by a Republican dominated congress (and even that little bit I googled), but I have heard much talk of tea parties, well The Tea Party movement to be exact. Again I don’t know a great deal about this either, other than they had some unexpected success but it’s relevant to me now because tea parties are big in this Mummy’s house right now.

We are having a lot of tea parties. With picnic blankets and ‘food’. Eliza and Tilly are very good hostesses. They bring in the pot of ‘tea’ which is also known as water from the downstairs loo (the sink not the actual loo, although who knows), and the cups and a few assorted items of wooden food from the John Crane goodies.

We are then told to sit down and shown where to sit by a very busy Eliza.

“Mummy you go there, Daddy you go there, Milo goes there, Tilly you go there.  No Tilly there.  Tilly, no leave my tea pot.  Tilly! Mummeeee Tilly’s got my cups Mummy, Mummy!”

At which point the tea party descends into a game of who can hold on to the cup for the longest before Tilly swipes it. Tilly then manoeuvres herself around the picnic blanket (normally a table cloth found in a drawer at toddler height, mother fail) and parks her bottom on top of Eliza’s plate of ‘food’.

It’s very funny, and very nice to be invited after a long day at work.

Kids are great aren’t they?


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