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Just saying..

Every now and then I take a look at the Tots 100 Index of parent bloggers to see if I’ve ever made it back in there after changing my domain.  I never have done.

I mention this only because it shows me how much my whole blogging priorities have changed.  This would really have bothered me a while ago and in fact it bloody did (and all my comments got lost thanks to Disqus, but many of you were kind enough to make me feel good again) but now? Well now I guess I have other things occupying the section of my brain marked “insecurities and anxieties”. In a month or so I’ll have been writing this nonsense for a whole year. 365 days of my thoughts on paper. Oh you lucky, lucky things you.

It has brought me so much, this blog. It has spurred me on to write a novel, I’m on 56,600 words now, but who’s counting? But I tell you what the most bloody brilliant thing is?  It’s remembering what Eliza and Tilly were like one year ago. It’s watching videos of them, it’s looking at pictures of them and it’s specially reading my interchanges with Eliza. It’s bloody priceless.

You should do it you know, just take a little self indulgent look through your old blog posts and see what memories they stir up. It’s good for the soul. It helps you see patterns in your life and it helps, without a shadow of a doubt, keep it all in perspective.

I had no idea I’d change so much in one short year, but my oh my I have done, or maybe it’s just that I’d never recorded it so intensely before. And now thanks to t’internet I can.

Thanks for reading me, it means a huge amount.



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