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Wanna be a Mumprenuer?

Do you want to earn a living without having to do the daily commute or compromise your family?  So become a mumprenuer!  For me it’s a dream at the moment but thanks to Erica and Antonia who set up Ace Inspire, it could actually be reality for many women.
I wanted to write a bit about this as I have just put their ads on my blog because I think it’s a brilliant set of resources that they offer and I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a look if you are struggling to find work life balance.

The world of social media has opened up many opportunities for many people but perhaps none more so than women wishing to make a living without compromising their family’s needs. Being able to find customers and advocates for your products through the internet has made it possible for women to have it all, to an extent. It takes courage to set up on your own but the rewards can be great. Just look at ‘Cuddledry’. a business set up by two mums – who first found fame on Dragons Den. I have guest blogged at that site and it’s a great resource for new mums.

I’m really proud to display this banner at the top of my blog . Maybe it could help you follow your dreams and set up on your own one day.


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