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“Learning through play”

Him indoors and I had a chat with Eliza’s key worker at pre-school this morning. A sort of parent’s evening for a 3 year old, in the morning. 

Anyway apparently Eliza has settled very well and plays very nicely with the other children, all good.  She enjoys ‘learning through play’ which on further investigation means she ‘doesn’t mind getting messy, wet and covered in paint’.
“No I don’t suppose she does.” said I (thinking don’t they wear aprons?)
“They do wear aprons, but you know you can’t really stop them getting messy.” 
Well no of course not. Not if my attempts are anything to go by.
Anyway I am terribly excited because if Eliza is learning through play every time she covers herself in paint, throws spaghetti around the kitchen and floods the downstairs loo, then she’s well on her way to joining Mensa by the age of 4. Hurrah! 
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