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Who are the experts?

I was musing today about what to do about Eliza wanting to suck her dummy that she had just dropped in the loo.  After doing a poo and before flushing. She went mental when I washed it.

So who knows how to deal with that?

And who has good advice about baby sleeping issues?

And who can tell me how to make food my toddler might actually eat (the co-op is running out of sausages and fishfingers)?

And best of all who can give me any tips of stopping my children clouting each other when they both want a piece of Mummy?

Ok I admit I have an ulterior motive here.  I’d love to be able to gather the best advice from mummys like me (or not like me actually, Mummy’s who are half decent at it) and collate it for a personal project I’m working on (nothing to do with work, just something I’m doing).

So I thought since at least some people read this, I’d ask you here. If you would like to get involved in this project then please do contact me and I can give you more details.

I’m looking for advice on anything and everything to do with babies and toddlers. Really practical stuff rather than what so called experts tell us that makes us feel like failures if our children don’t comply.

The book
So I have now written about 70,000 words.  Not bad for someone who lacks any staying power normally.  I’ve cracked on with it and hope to have it finished and edited by the end of January. It’s hard work and commitment in the evenings but bloody good fun escaping into my ‘other world’ too.

Just wanted to tell you as I’m quietly quite proud.

Anyway get in touch about the advice thing if you want to hollyward (at) itsamummyslife (dot) com


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