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You know you’re a mummy when…

I stumbled across this blog today and I hope the author doesn’t mind but I thought it was so incredibly, freakily like my life that I wanted to continue the list with a few of my own. Feel free to add – it’s good to know you’re not alone. 

So here goes.. You know you’re a Mummy when…

1. Going to Sainsbury’s on your own is a treat.

2. You are the only person in the room who thinks it’s perfectly normal when you inadvertently pull a dummy out of your bag along with your laptop in a business meeting.

3. You are still watching Peppa Pig after the children have gone to play somewhere else/gone to bed. And you’re really enjoying it.  I just LOVE Miss Rabbit.

4. You would rather catch sick in your hands than have it go on the carpet – it’s a bugger to get the smell out isn’t it?

5. The decision to go anywhere is put through the ‘will there be sharp edges at toddler head height’ filter.

Thank God it’s Friday.


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