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One year on..

So it was actually a few days ago but I missed it in my oh so busy life. I have had this blog for a year. A whole bloody year.

So drum roll please some of my blog related highlights have been:

Getting my pretty makeover, my girls immortalised in illustration. Lovely.

Feeling inspired to write through blogging and then writing 85,000 words in a novel. Gotta give it a try haven’t you?

Realising that I am not alone in my struggle to be the perfect working mother.

Realising that I am not alone in my stuggle to be the perfect mother.

Realising that I am not alone in my struggle to be a half decent mother.

Accepting that I will always be the best mother I can be and that will have to do.  Particularly when it comes to Maltesers at bedtime.

‘Meeting’ some brilliant, strong, funny women through blogging some of whom I have met in real life others I hope to meet at Cybermummy 2011.

Oh yes I won an award! The MAD award for best looking blog.  That was fun. I believe Mrs Young&Younger still has it!

Discovering Twitter. What incredibly silly fun.  Especially during the #electiondebates. I think we made our own little bit of history on those nights.

And you know what there are probably loads more that I can’t remember right now, as my brain struggles to retain the information I need to keep me and my family functioning on a daily basis. But I bloody love my blog, I love the freedom of expression it gives me and I love that some people like it to. Thanks.

Oh and by the way, meet Mary. She’s our snowwoman. Made by Eliza and her Daddy. She is standing outside our french doors in our living room. Lurking in a rather sinister fashion. I feel like going out and giving her a mince pie or something. Despite the Aston Villa scarf and hat I think she is cold.


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