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Things I love about Christmas

1.  Mulled wine.  This year both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are doing a very decent ready made bottle. If you are a complete slob like me then you can microwave a cupfull in 1 minute.  Then sit in front of the fire and pretend you brewed it up yourself.  Perfect. (If you fancy having a go yourself there’s a decent recipe here.)

2.  Mince Pies.  My local co-op is doing some really nice ones and the best thing is that Eliza hates them which means Mummy can be a right piggy in complete, undisturbed, bliss.  Tilly actually does like them but that’s okay, she’s not as demanding as her big sis.

3.  Christmas trees.  Ours is lopsided because Eliza insisted on getting the one that had branches on one side only.  It has fallen over twice, fortunately neither child was sitting next to it at the time, but the decorations suffered. It was rather sad.

4.  Mary the Snowwoman.  Feminism is alive and well, albeit rather cold, in our garden.

5.  Two little people to buy pressies for!  It’s so much more fun for littlies than grown ups isn’t it? You just know they don’t really give a damn what’s inside, they just like the unwrapping.

6. Mulled wine. Did I say that already?

I took Eliza to see Father Christmas today at Lapland UK in Kent. We went with my friend Jo and her daughter.  A good job really since it needed the sort of humour only Jo and I can conjure up together to get through it.  We met Mother Christmas who had Heidi plaits and a mixed Eastern European accent who looked about 30 and a Father Christmas with white beard, definitely from somewhere near the Estuary who looked about 90.  He’s done alright for himself I reckon.  The girls made Gingerbread with MC and had rather magical visit to FC. We weren’t much cop on the ice rink though, in fact my 3 year old daughter was probably making a better fist of it than me. Jo’s daughter, however, proclaimed with great pride that she ‘hadn’t fallen over at all’.

As you would imagine Eliza was very much in awe of a ‘big’ girl (she’s 5 I think) and they became friends after about 2 hours, doesn’t that always happen?

I feel suitably Christmassy now.

Of course my Christmas spirit will be well and truly entrenched when Jonathan comes to stay on Wednesday.  I’m so excited I can hardly bear it. What a great week!

Merry Christmas! xx

*PS: this is not sponsored.*


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