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The toddlers of Christmas present

I realised one thing today with absolute clarity. Having two toddlers at Christmas, when you factor in presents, lots of new people, lots of old people and lots of dogs is like, it’s like, well, what is it like actually? Like herding chickens into the path of a fox warren or like climbing Everest with ballet shoes on or perhaps like asking God to stop the snow in a ritual involving the tears of unicorns.  In simple terms it’s extraordinarily, bloody hard work but when you actually get some kind of result, like a yes not a no to a question like ‘please put your coat on’ or an ‘okay mummy’ when you say there are no more presents to open the joy is untold.

Let’s face it the joy is untold in having children, the corny old saying that they bring Christmas alive is true really isn’t it? Gone are the days of drinking and eating too much and falling asleep in front of the TV. Who can do that when there are small people who want to play?

But I will say this for my children. They were remarkably thoughtful today. Tilly decided she wanted a nap at about 3ish so I put her down then collapsed myself (it hadn’t been an easy night) and Eliza fell asleep on her Daddy’s lap watching the telly. Remarkably good luck.

We had a lovely day and as ever at Christmas time I’m loving having the time with the girls without work to preoccupy me.

I have a good feeling about next year.

Merry Christmas all!



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