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2010 in review

The best Christmas present I had this year was my gorgeous little girl starting to properly walk. It’s funny to see Tilly upright, walking in a drunken fashion with her arms out for balance, but it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Tilly has hypermobility and this means that she has been late to reach milestones like crawling, standing and walking.

Thinking about this made me think about how far we have all come this year and I wanted to go down a self indulgent memory lane and highlight some of the posts that have illustrated this best.

We moved house in February, it was a lot of fun and immensely stressful, the house hunting was a complete nightmare with the two little ones and mostly on my own because him indoors was working and I was on maternity leave. But we found our perfect home and we are incredibly happy here in the ‘sticks’.

Through my blog I realised it was okay to admit to post natal depression, and I wrote a poem for Eliza here called Finding You and I was rather into poetry at the time so I wrote something for my own mother here called Mummy I Miss You. The support of this community has never failed me when I’ve needed it and for that I thank everyone of you who reads me.

I discovered Twitter quite early on in the year and made a few observations here, I also discovered that blogging can be addictive and a bit competitive at times and wrote my thoughts on that here in ‘Time for Blog Idol?’ I don’t really think like that anymore as my blog is part of my everyday life now and no longer a novelty, but still we do now have the The Mads so maybe I wasn’t far off the mark…

I’ve had numerous parenting crises and wobbles very publicly, mostly to do with being a working mother and it’s no secret that I find it a constant struggle. But again I always get comments that comfort me and I know I’m not alone in my struggles. Toddler behaviour regularly bewilders me and I wrote this post 10 Universal truths about toddlers to sum some of their maddening behaviour up.

I regularly reminisced about time BC (before children) but this post stands out as one of my best memories ‘Why Bonnie still rocks my world’ about misbehaving on a business class flight to Singapore.

I started to think about who I am and what my life means to me. I wrote about my thoughts on feminism here and I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Whilst I was on the political soapbox I wrote about the mess that went on in the week while the powers that be tried to agree on an coalition government.

I reminisced about my wedding and went to Cybermummy, I won a MAD Award and spent more time thinking about my family in ‘Taking Stock’.

We had a scary moment when we traipsed off to A&E at 10pm and I realised how lucky I am to have such a brilliant Dad myself.

And finally we had a lovely, busy, hectic, exhausting but perfect Christmas. 

For me 2011 will be the year I stop whining about being a working mother and do something positive about my situation. I will have my book edited and I will most probably get millions of rejections but I will persevere to get an agent.  I will continue to love, cherish and completely adore my children and I will try and be a bit nicer to my husband.

Bring it on. I’m ready…


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