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Bye bye dummies!

Do you know what? The dummy fairy only bloody works!  I know I didn’t think it would either and had it not been for all the words of support from you lovely people and the militant rule of my husband I would have given up. But I think you probably knew that.
Last night Tilly slept through all night but perhaps more interestingly she went to sleep easily, cuddling ‘piggy’. I was a bit nervous because it was the first night since we started this whole thing that him indoors had been out at bedtime, so I had both children to put to bed. But Tilly just whimpered for a bit and then went to sleep.
Eliza is a little more tricky since she’s such an expert at stalling techniques. In fact according to Eliza she is ‘expert’ at lots of things. Shall we make pancakes Eliza? ‘Yes Mummy I’m expert at making pancakes.’ She’s also expert at making robots, sticking, drawing and making tea. So anyway we had many stalling techniques the latest of which is that she doesn’t want the light off so last night I just left it on and she went to sleep far easier than she has for bloody ages.  Same tonight. Of course she does want me to sleep in her room with her at around 3am, but I just need to go in and lie down and then within minutes she’s asleep again so that’s not so bad.
So now I’m on the lookout for a pretty nightlight.
But as far as Miss Dummy Fairy is concerned I’d say we had a result and encourage anyone else who’s thinking about it to go for it but only if:
- you have support from someone who won’t let you give up
- you throw all the dummies away in case you are tempted
- you stick rigidly to the same routine while you’re going through the worst of it (and you have to put up with some crying, sorry but it’s the only way )
- you are concerned about them having a dummy, because frankly unless you really want to for the sake of their dental health or speech or you just don’t like the look of them it’s probably not worth it
- make sure you are feeling strong (emotionally)
- try and stop anyone who comes within 1/2 a mile of your child talking about dummies as in “how’s it going without the dummy?”
- make sure you have LOTS of wine and chocolate
- be prepared to discuss divorce with your husband (did I mention there’s quite a bit of crying?)
So there we are.  Of course I am nothing if not a realist and fully expect to be lamenting the loss of the blessed plastic very soon when neither of them will sleep again, but for now it’s good.
Tonight when I put Eliza to bed I said that she could have 2 stories and she said,
“I’d like Mog’s Christmas, Tiger came Tea and Peppa is that a good plan Mummy?”
Is that a good plan? She absorbs EVERYTHING.
“Of course sweetheart.”
Note to self: don’t read Each Peach Plum Pear for a while – Baby Bunting has, you guessed it, a dummy!


  1. You really have got a fab sense of humour! Dummy fairy coming to our house this week and hoping it will be a success story like yours. Fingers crossed. x

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