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Product review: Lumilove Penguin nightlight

So since the dummy fairy visited Eliza has developed a fear of the dark. Well strictly speaking I think she’s just upped the ante in the stalling technique department but I’m humouring her by leaving the light on. But then I remembered the Lumilove Penguin nightlight that I was asked to review a few weeks back and in the flurry of Christmas and so on I haven’t done so yet.

What I like about this is that you can move it anywhere in the room since once it’s charged up it doesn’t need to be sitting on it’s base and will stay glowing for 11 hours, but if you do want to switch it off there’s a button under it’s body.  Eliza has decided she likes her Penguin right next to her and in fact when I went in to check on her last night (the first of my 3 visits, the final one ended up with me on her floor for most of the night…) she was cuddling the penguin (don’t try that at home though, probably not the best idea.).

It’s a soft pink glow that lights up the room enough to take the fear of lurking monsters away, but it’s not too light to keep her awake. It’s also very eco-friendly, being an LED with 100,000 hours lifespan (blimey she could have it when she’s my age!).

It’s also very useful to help you see when you find yourself having to make a makeshift bed at 2am.

Eliza did point out to me though that the Penguin was not in fact a girl, despite it’s pink colour “because it doesn’t have eye-lashes Mummy.” Of course, silly of me to suggest it might be.

*the product was sent to me for review and this is an honest and unbiased appraisal of it*


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