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Train rides and muddy puddles

What a day.  I’m knackered.

Eliza has been learning about transport at nursery and yesterday she went along to the train station to learn about, well trains I suppose. So today I said that I’d take her and Tilly on an actual real train. Cue much excitement.

We went off in the pram, hoping/assuming Tilly would fall asleep after her 3 hour crying stint last night which left us all shattered (or possibly that was Eliza’s 5am start to the day, tough call that one.) It was very sweet, they both sat on the seats holding hands and looking with fascination at the view I see every morning but never really notice. Amazing how a child can find interesting things in the views of back gardens, fences and fields (wow Mummy, a sheep!).

We arrived at the town, which is approximately 2 minutes away in the car, and then went to my favourite place, the 99p shop. They both got Taiwan’s finest ‘fairy mobile phones’, which I didn’t realise actually made ringing noises until some considerable time later (surely the battery would cost more than 99p??).

We then went and had the obligatory ‘babycino’ and a strong coffee for me. Tilly was still refusing sleep at this point so I gave up all pretence of trying and the 2 of them ran wild in the coffee shop much to my amusement and the other customers’ irritation (I get a special kind of thrill out of that, maybe it’s because I know that 4 or so years ago I’d be the one tutting about mothers who couldn’t control their kids…).

We came home on the train (of course), rapture in both their eyes at the passing scenery, trudged up the hill home and bingo, Tilly fell asleep in the pram just as we reached home. So I let her sleep in the pram until I panicked about urban foxes and brought her in which of course woke her up but it was lunchtime anyway.

Then as if that wasn’t enough excitement I needed to prove my credentials as a ‘good’ mother by taking them off to feed the ducks in the magic fairy wood. Only I hadn’t fully appreciated that we live in England and it’s always bloody raining so the forest floor was basically gluey mud and Eliza went splat on her bum twice and I ruined by fake Uggs (mind you they were £8 from Sainsbury’s so not a huge loss).

The ducks round here are so bloody spoilt, they turned their beaks up at our stale baguette – mind you Eliza and I and even Tilly had a go at stamping on it as we couldn’t break it up ourselves in our hands it was like rock. Poor ducks.

So an action packed day. No review today as I, frankly, can’t be bothered.


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