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Gurgle girl review: Early Learning Centre

As a ‘Gurgle Girl’ I have the rather lovely task of reviewing children’s products, books and toys, from time to time. This time round I have been lucky enough to review Early Learning Centre toys.   I’m a big ELC fan, you know what you’re getting with their toys, they are always appropriate for the age they say and they are fairly priced, they also last (but thankfully the batteries don’t…).

Eliza tested the Dressing Table with accessories, including brush, comb, hair bands and clips and an assortment of little pretend bottles and nail files.  It retails around £35.

It’s very sweet and very pink. Eliza and Tilly had a lot of fun helping me assemble it and both have loved playing with it. In fact I notice that Tilly who’s 18 months gets as much out of it as Eliza who’s 3.

ELC Girls dressing table

Naturally I have been sat at the stool and had my hair ‘brushed’ (read pulled rather painfully) and had hairclips put in, she’s also taken to using the little soft plastic nail file as ‘scar-rer’ and she very delicately puts it on my eyelashes. She also has ‘lipstick’ that I got to wear too.  She’s always watching when I put on make up (not very often I must admit, it’s normally a job reserved for the daily commute) but she takes great delight in having her own mirror in which to preen. She’s a girl, what can I say. 

Tilly meanwhile got to test the ‘Happyland’ Goosefeather Farm. which retails around £22.  She loves it and she regularly makes the farmer and his wife kiss, which is slightly concerning at only 18 months, but it’s rather sweet to watch. At least the farmer isn’t kissing the sheep I suppose.  She can also be found regularly putting the chicken in the barn and saying ‘bye bye chicken’ then she decides it’s bedtime and they all get put on their sides, lying down ‘night night sheep, night night doggy, night night pig.’ For a soppy mother it’s utterly adorable to watch, specially when she doesn’t know I am. Let’s face it the best thing is that it keeps her amused for ages at a time and is really helping her develop her own imaginative play.

Thankyou Gurgle for giving us the opportunity to test these brilliant toys.

*Both products were given to my family free of charge and these are our honest reviews of them*

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