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Sibling rivalry

This weekend as you will know, if you read the reward chart debacle yesterday, I have been mostly trying to work out how to relate to my eldest daughter.

I am very happy to report that this afternoon when Miss Tilly was having a nap, Eliza and I played for a few hours (she had a long nap); snap, dominoes, lego (I built she was the foreman), singing, dancing and finally tickling. We had an awful lot of fun. And the penny dropped.  She is just a 3 year old like so many others, and she’s a 3 year old with a little sister with whom she has to share the limelight. My Dad pointed this out to me in the way that only Dad’s who’ve brought up three daughters can by saying,

“It’s just the green-eyed monster, nothing to worry about.”

He’s right of course, but it’s good to have someone else to point it out. So we have finally arrived bang in the heart of sibling rivalry. As with every other aspect of parenting I’m pretty clueless here, so any tips would be most welcome.

The other thing my Dad told me today was that Tilly looks like I did as a baby. Without my mum around to tell me I’d never know (the hat was an impulse Primark purchase in case you were wondering…)

I took them to the playground this morning and my Dad cycled along too, they had a lot of fun although Tilly was so tired that she was falling asleep on the swings but had to do EVERYTHING Eliza did. ‘Iza’ is definitely her hero, even if they do vie for my attention.


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