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Sorry but I just had to post this…

I was just catching up on one of my favourite blogs http://www.whosthemummy.co.uk/ when I read her post on GOOP which is Gwyneth Paltrow’s website/blog? I’m not sure which.

OH MY GOD. Why have I not found this before? Why did it take me so long to realise that of course Gwyneth is the high priestess of working mothers and indeed her friends Stella McCartney and Juliet someone a venture capitalist are the best placed people to help me find ‘time saving tips’ because of course my life is just so like theirs.

Be warned don’t read this newsletter if you feel in ANY way inadequate about your ability to be a mother and hold down a job, if you EVER feel like you’d like to just run away and leave them all to their own devices and specially not if you aren’t a) an actress who can spend her day doing pretty much whatever she likes, b) a fashion designer who gets to spend mornings and a healthy chunk of evenings with her kids and then goes to her fearfully exciting job and c) a venture capitalist who earns about the same as the Queen.

If on the other hand none of those apply then be my guest. Knock yourself out http://goop.com/newsletter/112/en/

However I do say with some reluctance and not just a little bit of surprise that despite my attitude I did rather enjoy Stella’s day and the fact that she has so many kids and just the one live-out nanny.  I like her a tiny bit more now. But sadly I’ll never be able to be as organised as Gwyneth with her time-saving tips and frankly I lost interest in the banker’s life pretty early – as I’m sure she would with mine.


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