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The one about PRs and bloggers

It’s an interesting turn of fate that as a life-long PR (well not exactly life that would be silly, although sometimes it feels that way…) I am now being regularly pitched to by PRs for this blog. My own kind, some might say. I do read them all and some I respond to and some I don’t; I know from past experience that you don’t expect answers from everyone if you send out a release so I think it’s acceptable not to answer those ones I don’t feel are relevant.

But I do find it vaguely amusing how many bloggers seem to get their knickers in a twist about PRs. These terrible people who dare to send you press releases, dare to say they’ve read your blog when maybe they haven’t and dare to assume your children are 6 months older than perhaps they are. I mean really. How dare such people take up our valuable time? Don’t they know I am a busy working mother, trying to hold down my own PR career whilst bringing up my children and trying to a get a book deal? Well shame on them for not reading all 350 blog posts to find out.

It’s a bit silly isn’t it? These people are simply doing the jobs they are paid to do and are just trying to get some coverage for their clients. Yes parent bloggers are quite influential these days, well some are (probably not this one, let’s be honest) and so of course any PR worth their salt will want to try and form a relationship with them. Good for them.

There is a lot of talk about the right and wrong way to approach bloggers. But as a PR and a blogger I’d just say it’s common sense. The most effective business relationships are symbiotic. Give me something good/interesting and I’ll give you something good back. We work together, for mutual benefit.

For example I plan to write about Baby BuBu next week, because the lovely lady who runs the company got in touch and she has a truly interesting business that creates breastfeeding covers and ponchos. My children are past breastfeeding but I’m sure some of the people who read this blog are at that stage, in fact I know they are because of the success of The Second Baby Survival Guide competition I ran recently. Symbiotic see? It’s interesting to my readers so it ticks my box and it’s good exposure for her lovely business.  Everyone’s a winner.

So keep an eye out for that post as I’ll be doing a give-away too.

(And yes I’m always just a teensy bit flattered when someone thinks my blog is worth targeting.)


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