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The logic of a tantrum

Today was  a Good Day.  I was off work and had a very nice day with the children, although much of it involved carting Eliza off to nursery and then ballet. Tilly and I hung out a bit and she helped me put the washing out in the way only a one and half year old can, and then Eliza came home and we all did some drawing. You know, usual toddler fun.

Until Eliza threw a wobbler.  The first one of the day and rather a surprise given it hadn’t been that sort of day at all.  I put it down to tiredness – my God she does cram a lot in in a day given she was up at 4.30am and DIDN’T GO BACK TO SLEEP (more stamina than me I can tell you).

So anyway there she was hiding behind the kitchen door in floods of tears, screaming incandescently about whatever the latest problem had been and I just thought, oh for God’s sake you little drama queen it’ll be okay, and I went into the other room. Tilly was amusing herself by putting a pair of knickers on and off her head repeatedly.

Once there I had a brainwave. It went like this.

“Oh I really wish someone could help me figure out this puzzle, it’s just so difficult.” I said quite loudly.

Actually it is difficult. It’s the children’s wooden toy version of a Rubik’s Cube.  It has 32 cubes and 6 different pictures that can be made depending on the side of the cube you use. It’s not easy for a 37 year old managing director to figure out never mind her 3 year old daughter (although having said that she is ALOT brighter than I ever was.) But Eliza has pretty much worked it out with the help of her Dad who can do it with his eyes shut.

The sobbing abated.

“Mummy it’s easy, you just need someone to show you how.” Came the voice from behind the kitchen door.

“Oh really? Oh I wish I knew someone who could help me I really want to be able to do this puzzle.”

“Mummy it’s easy really.” Said like a sulky teenager.

And there she was in the doorway, wet faced but calmer.

“Oh is it? Do you think Tilly knows how to do it?”

“No Mummy, Tilly’s too little.”

“Oh. Do you know how by any chance?”

She came over and started putting cubes in the right place (bloody hell I was impressed.)

“Oh goodness thanks Eliza, that’s really helpful.”

“Now I’ve shown you can you do it yourself?”

“Er, I’ll have a go. Why where are you going?”

“I’m going to go and finish crying. I’ll be back in a minute.”


I stifled my laughter until she was back behind the kitchen door.  Absolutely priceless.


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