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Is it Friday already?

The funny thing about being a working mum and having a WHOLE WEEK off (well not counting the Wednesday morning meeting and the Tuesday conference call, and the emails and other calls and oh bloody hell you get the picture) is that the time just really flies.

I feel as if I am on a roller coaster of a learning curve every time I spend any real time with my girls. They seem to be developing at a super speedy rate of knots and I am permanently in their slip stream. The things I think Eliza won’t remember, such as ‘oh you don’t need to have a tonight darling’ she’ll remind me of later in the day when I’m trying to get them both in the bath. But she’s also starting to become aware of how to make me happy (as well as frustrated). On Tuesday she spontaneously cleaned some crayon that Tilly had decorated the wall with, OK it was almost worse than before she started but the point was she had tried.  I gave her a sticker on her chart for that. The look of pure surprised joy on her face was almost worth all the tantrums.

There is a degree of pride in seeing your attempts at trying to make your child a less spikey person start to work.  The business of setting boundaries can be extraordinarily defeating but once you have set one my God it’s amazing isn’t it? Or perhaps the child just grows a bit and realises what they wanted so much one day is no longer so important.

Little Miss Tilly Mouse is also developing, but I am seeing more and more of her big sister’s ‘spirit’ start to shine through.  This is a blessing and a curse. Tilly is a beautiful little girl and a very funny toddler.  She has started talking ten to the dozen now which has its own problems when she can’t quite communicate what it is she wants. I remember with a sinking heart when Eliza reached that stage.  But the upside is the things she says.


“Yes darling?”

“What de de de de de doing?” in a very sing song voice.

“I’m just driving the car sweetheart.”


“To pick up Eliza.”

“Iza!!” much kicking of legs follows.

Eliza had two little friends over to play yesterday after nursery.  It was such a lovely afternoon and the girls played really nicely (which in itself is something to be grateful for). The mums are lovely and it made me realise yet again how glad I am we moved down here.

These weeks off I occasionally have with my children make me realise that I am doing a half decent job of being their mum and I bloody love it.

In other news my other project is starting to take shape.  So please get in touch if you would like to be involved.  Here’s the original post about it.


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