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Sunday Share: ChocOrangeCityMum

Ok so here’s the thing.  There are many millions of ‘memes’ and I can’t keep up with all the lovely sharing that goes on.  So I had intended today to try and tell you about a few blogs that I like. But the thing is there are many of them and the list changes regularly.

So I just thought I might concentrate on one I like each Sunday. If I remember. I’m not terribly good at sticking to days of the week.

I will choose from the blogs I read and know about, so if you’d like to be featured then do let me know as otherwise I won’t know about you!

Today I’m talking about Chocorangecitymum. She is a mum to one, wife to one (well that is the legal limit I guess) and a city banker “but not one of the greedy ones”.  She works 3.5 days a week and shares my working mum frustration (earn money, give it to someone else to look after your child, be perpetually knackered.) She writes about the Boy and his emerging conversation and various things he does. She is also a woman close to my heart as she obesses about sleep a fair bit too.

It’s fun to discover new blogs,  in particular the ones who actually write rather well and Chocorange is one such blog. She’s hoping to have baby number two at some point, so this post is by way of wishing her virtual luck with that (and trying not to ask ‘DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WOMAN?).

Go visit her and tell her I sent you. This is a good post to start with. 


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