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Getting over myself

Last night we had a big Burn’s Night dinner at work. I know we’re a bit late but I think the snow put everything back.  Given that one of our clients is a whiskey brand we had the honour of the master blender’s presence. So naturally we were all given four whiskey’s to taste. I had to do the decent thing and join in, no point in being churlish.

I can tell you that I rather like a smokey single malt and I have discovered that I like adding water. But I can also tell you that I won’t be making it my drink of choice because the headache from last night will probably remain with me for most of my life.

I can also tell you that as predicted I am feeling much better about my writing career now. I accept that no one ever got an agent without a lot of hard work (well I’m sure someone did but not many) and I have decided I am prepared to put that in, for now at least. I was just saying to my father that I am happiest when I have a clear plan.  I have to know what my next option is if the thing I’m doing isn’t working. So I am thinking of that now. But in the meantime I’ll just plough on with my life as normal.

Project Freedom (as I have decided to call it) is taking shape and is very exciting. So actually life is pretty good and I’m getting over myself.


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