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I’m not showing off but…

My little Tilly, who is 20 months, counted from 1 to 10 earlier. All on her own and she didn’t even know I was listening.  The girls have these cards that you thread laces into and make pictures and she was counting the stitches. Cue very proud Mummy moment. It just melts my heart the way she copies everything and how she puts thoughts and actions together in her head. She’s utter heaven.

Eliza is making up so many games I can’t keep track. When Tilly was having a nap earlier we were playing Skipping Jack/Skipping Mum in the garden. It involved skipping down the drive doing an action with our arms (as dictated by Eliza) and singing either Skipping Jack or Skipping Mum again as dictated by Eliza.

I am constantly amazed by their games and the way they see the world. Everything is so simple. If you do this that happens unless of course you do something else in which you are being either very naughty or very silly. That is Eliza’s world. In fact when my Dad couldn’t find the matches the other day (to light the candle on the kitchen table – he likes candles does my Dad) when they were eventually located they went on the naughty step “for hiding”. Well why not?

The book

In other news I have uploaded the first few chapters of Crash & Learn onto http://www.authonomy.com and I have to say I am mightily encouraged by the feedback I have been getting and also the fact that 4 people have deemed it worthy of their ‘bookshelves’.

www.authonomy.com is a site set up by Harper Collins for unpublished or published authors to upload their books or excerpts thereof (but minimum 10,000 words).  Other writers can then read your work and comment on it (constructively I hasten to add – it scared the shit out of me when I first put it ‘out there’). If they like it they can back it, which means it sits on their ‘bookshelf’ along with 4 other books. They can also rate it and put it on watchlist to be read later. I like the premise, it’s egalitarian and has a good community feel. I have so far had very useful comments and am beginning to think that maybe someone other than my best friend Lucy thinks I might be able to write.

The top 10 rated books each month will be read by Harper Collins editors. I doubt that’d happen to mine, but the feedback is incredibly useful. Even the not so good stuff…

I think there are some things I need to look at, but at any rate it’s fantastic to even have one person say they like what I’ve written, to have someone (whoever they are!) say I can write convincingly is just incredible.

If you want to have a read of a few chapters (be kind!) then you can find it here.



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