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Ta da!!

Wow that was quick wasn’t it? No sooner had I put away my hanky and stopped bemoaning my very existence I got over myself. One of my very best qualities is my ability to bounce back. Knock me down and I’ll get straight back up. Most of the time. Just give me time and a good chat from a close friend and there you have it. Bang up for it again.

So I had a good chat with my stepfather and a very lovely email from Jonathan and some very kind comments here.

I will make this work. I will persevere with my writing and I may even self publish if I think it’s good enough. Hell why not?

You know the best things anyone can say to me when I feel like shit are these:

- you are not alone in feeling rubbish
- don’t give up on your dreams
- you have overcome harder obstacles and problems than this
- keep focussed and don’t give up
- you are a good person and good mother

Lovely. Feel much better. ¬†Might be the 55 cups of coffee I drank today actually come to think of it. Or perhaps it’s because Robert (my stepdad) has a knack of being a motivational speaker or it could be because Jonathan is making a rare and spontaneous visit to London tomorrow and we’re going to hang out and he’s just brilliant.

So apologies for the misery yesterday, but if I can’t expunge myself here then where can I?


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