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Jen at the King and I runs a weekly feature called Blog Gems whereby she asks bloggers to dig out a post at random. Her theme this week is Happiness.

It struck me that most of my tags are about toddlers, children, development, working mother, work life or the really happy one, depression. My what a fun girl I am!  I did however manage to dig this one out from relatively recently about how you know when you’re a mum. Reading it back number 1 made me smile.

I could probably add to this list now, so here goes.

You know you’re a mum when:

- you NEVER need an alarm clock

- having a sleep sitting bolt upright on the daily commuter train is actually really refreshing

- the car ALWAYS smells of old bananas

- you would trade the most expensive present in the whole world for a piece of paper with a splodge of glue and a glittery face drawn on it (well almost, I mean I wouldn’t say no to a new car say or perhaps a second home by the coast in Suffolk, or come to think of it a pretty diamond necklace or well you get the picture)

- all the SHIT in your life pales to nothing when your littlest says ‘Cuddle Mummy, night night lub oooo’.

Ahhh yes. Being a mum rocks really doesn’t it?

By the way I can write this now as I think my hangover from my Friday night out with Jonathan has just about lifted. But my 5.15 am start this morning, getting on my old pal the Eurostar, didn’t really help matters.

Go visit Jen’s blog and take part.


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