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The story fairy, Priscilla and her mate Belinda

“Don’t want to go bed. Not tired Mummy.” Eliza screams at me as soon as I have finished putting to bed an apoplectic Tilly (something in the water today clearly). She was revving up and I tried various distractions that all failed. But I remained calm.

“Goodness me I nearly forgot to tell you about what happened to me at work today. Would you like to know?” said with much amazement and enthusiasm (a la Cbeebies presenters – God I hate myself sometimes.)

“Yes. But I’m not going to bed.”

“Bed? Oh goodness me no, I’ve got something far more interesting to tell you about.” Thinking to myself if I keep on talking in this children’s-TV-presenter-on-acid voice I’m bound to come up with something. Anything.

“Ok.” she sniffed reluctantly. Her face wet with tears.

“Well. I was just sitting at my desk eating my lunch when a fairy flew in my window which was quite a surprise I can tell you, because my office is on the top floor of a big building. She just flew right on in and sat on my computer and she said ‘hello I’m the story fairy.’ She was wearing a very pretty purple dress.”

“What was her name?”

“Er. Priscilla. Anyway she said to me that I was a very special mummy because I had a very special little girl who was 3 and a half and was really a Princess and was called Eliza.”

“I’m not special Mummy and I’m not tired.”

“No I know you’re not tired. But you are special.”

“I’m NOT!”

“Ok, you’re not. Anyway Priscilla said to me that she had a really good story for you because she knew that you didn’t like going to bed and in fact you were never really tired. So she told me about her friend the Sleep Fairy.”

“Will the Sleep Fairy make me go to sleep?”

“Oh I shouldn’t think so no. Priscilla said that the sleep fairy comes to visit at night and puts a big bundle of dreams on your pillow just in case you want them. But if you’re not asleep then that’s fine as she’ll just chat to you instead.”

“What’s her name?”

“Belinda. Anyway Belinda is really very nice and she wears a dress a little bit like your Belle dress only it’s a shade darker.  She is very good friends with some of the fairies in the Magic Fairy Wood actually and likes their fur coats.”

“The magic fairy wood with the ducks?”


“I’m not tired though Mummy.”

“I know you’re not. But would you like to see Belinda?”


“Jolly good.  So anyway Belinda comes in and has a chat with you or sometimes with Milo and she leaves some really lovely dreams for you and then sometimes she might come and visit Mummy and Daddy and leave us some dreams too, but only if we’ve been good…”

Bingo. One very UN-tired princess asleep in my arms.  I’m not in the least offended that my storytelling put her to sleep. Honest. 



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