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Books for Christchurch

Books are the best form of escapism don’t you think? They take you, for a short time, into another world, for children then open up the imagination and create the opportunity for parent and child to share special time together.  But more than that a child who has always had stories read to them both needs and likes the routine of this simple pleasure. Reading can provide stability when everything else is disrupted.

That’s why I responded to this post on Playing by the Book.  Yesterday I ordered some books and sent them to a family in Christchurch who have lost their home and are living out of a suitcase. The family has two children, a little girl about Tilly’s age and a newborn baby boy. I hope the books will bring some happiness in such a devastating situation. Of course this type of help can only provide a small consolation when life has been so catagorically turned upside down.  I was thinking about that little girl who will be wondering where everything is, where have all her toys gone now that her normal surroundings have changed. I know that children are resilient but the strain that must put on their mother must be incredible.

Once again, as with the tsunami in Japan, the world’s natural disasters put our lives in perspective. The old cliche about being grateful for what we have is only a cliche because it’s true. It’s hard to think positively at times, but we should always try.


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