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Spring has sprung

I love this time of year. It feels as if the fresh Spring air is full of hope and promise. Opportunity feels like it’s making it steady way to the door and all the burdens of the heavy winter months are packing up and leaving. It genuinely feels like a time of new beginnings, time to Spring clean the house, the garden, your life. I love it.

This weekend was especially good for us. So forgive me for any latent smugness but I am happy today, really happy.

My husband has got his first teaching job, he finishes his training in June and will start his new job in September. He’s worked incredibly hard, and still has much work to do before it finishes, but it’s a massive load of pressure off us as a couple and as a family that he has secured this job so early. I am very proud of him.  My Dad very kindly babysat on Friday so we could go out for a celebratory drink in a lovely local pub. We were like two teenagers being let out on our first grown up night out. We were so over-excited. Of course given last week’s challenges with bedtimes we were late to leave the house and rather stressed when my Dad arrived (sorry!) but we quickly got over it and had a great evening.

We all got stuck in to a bit of garden Spring cleaning on Saturday. Digging, planting, clipping and both children getting extremely muddy.  Tilly was, naturally, eating most of the soil I was putting in the beds and pots, and both girls were getting wonderfully earthy hands with soil under their fingernails and red roses in their cheeks.

Today my sisters came up with their children which, of course, was the best news for my girls. They played all afternoon and Eliza fell asleep during Ben & Holly before bedtime – wow!

A perfect end to a lovely weekend.

ps: normal cynical, miserable service will resume next week!


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