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Commenting and present giving

First of all I have to say having read Northmummy’s post this morning I had an attack of Comment Guilt. Not content with all the other guilt in my life (working mum guilt, rubbish wife guilt, crap daughter guilt, lousy sister guilt, absent friend guilt) I now have Coment Guilt to add. You see I am a totally and utterly useless blog commenter. That’s not to say I don’t read them. I do, many many of them. I love them and they make me laugh and think, but I just never seem to be able to read on a computer where I can easily comment. I mean I can but when I’m on a computer when I have time ie: the evenings I’m normally doing one of the other things I have committed myself to. So I am normally on my phone on my commute to work when I read blogs and naturally it never works properly.  So SORRY. If I follow you I probably read you but you don’t know that so that’s not very helpful.

But here’s my biggest issue. I want to read a neat little digest of all the best posts from my Google Reader each week. I mean I want about 5 of the best. By best I mean something that will make me laugh, something that will make me think, something that I’ll learn from, something that I can cook/make (maybe) and at least one suggestion of how to deal with toddlers. 

So if someone could just come up with that that would be marvellous.  Thanks.

So the second thing to write about is Prezzybox.com.

If you have a gift dilemma or you need an exciting idea for friends or family then Prezzybox will be able to help you find the perfect present. From your Aunty to your best friend’s brother, it has a wide selection of unique and exciting gifts. Prezzybox also had a wide range of gifts for children from large birthday present ideas for your own children or little gifts for birthday party goody bags.

If you’re still stuck for ideas then try the Gift Finder

To help you even more with your gift purchasing or just for a treat for yourself  It’s a Mummy’s Life and Prezzybox is giving away a £25 Gift Voucher to one lucky recipient.

So I’m going to attempt to tie up both bits of the post by saying this.

Please leave a comment (you get the irony?) with a link to your best post of the last week and I’ll choose one at random to win the £25 give voucher from Prezzybox.



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