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Surreal conversation with my daughter #10

Lately Eliza decided she didn’t like Milo anymore. Quite what the poor fluffy dog had done to offend her I don’t know, but he wasn’t flavour of the month anymore. It coincided with an unusually challenging bedtime routine involving many declarations of “I’m not tired Mummy” whilst trying to keep her eyes open. Following that she would invariably jump up and start dancing or climbing up the wall or something. ¬†Usual schizophrenic 3 year old behaviour.

Tonight however was different.

Milo was on the floor so I picked him up and tried, on his behalf, to reignite her love for him.

“Would you like Milo tonight darling?”

“Yes please Mummy.”

“Oh jolly good, that’s nice. You like Milo again then do you?”

“I like Milo sometimes.”


“Yes and sometimes I don’t.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because Mummy I don’t like eyebrows.”


“Yes I don’t like eyebrows. Not Daddy’s or Tilly’s or Grandmas or yours.”

“Oh right well do you like Milo’s?”

Picking him up and inspecting his eyes.

“Milo doesn’t have eyebrows Mummy.”

Well, that’s good then isn’t it. Nice to know she doesn’t hold that against him, even if the rest of her family are less than perfect due to their hirsute eye decoration.

Toddlers are nuts aren’t they?


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