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How motherhood has changed me #1

If you’d told me four years ago that I’d be going to a theme park on a busy Sunday (Mother’s Day no less) in April I’d have told you your crystal ball needed rebooting. Theme parks and everything they stand for would have been my idea of hell and him indoors would sooner run naked round the streets of London waving a “I love rampant consumerism!” placard than dip his toe in the crowded pit of screaming kids, tired parents and too much candy floss.  But we had kids and we changed. What can I say.

We loved it. Completely and utterly loved it. The girls were delighted, big broad smiling faces and squeals of delight. There were a surprising number of rides they could go on and a large variety of animals they could see in the zoo.

I was reminded of this passage I wrote in my book, Crash & Learn. I wrote this book before my first family theme park experience and I think it shows my prejudices pretty well.

Excerpt from Crash & Learn, chapter 2.

Removed temporarily

I have been toying with the idea of serialising my book here on this blog. I’d be interested in your views to be honest, but I also thought it would be a nice thing to do as well. A bit of Spring reading perhaps. I’d do about 3 or 4 chapters per week maybe up to the middle and then get some feedback. Let me know what you think.
Also I’m terribly late in saying that the ‘at random’ winner of the Prezzybox vouchers is the lovely Sandy at Baby Baby.  Sandy the nice people at Prezzy box will be in touch with you direct.


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