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Say Sorry!

I witnessed a classic milestone moment today because I had a rather impromptu day off (forgot our nanny had to work for her other family, oops cue rather pissed off boss, oh well).

We had a lovely day and as ever when I spend the day with them I learn so much about their stage of development, their personalities and the way they interact with each other.

We went to visit a friend and her little boy who is Tilly’s age for lunch. The girls played really well, despite the odd whinge and whine and I was able to actually eat my lunch and even have a cup of coffee and a chat with my friend too. Wow, what a breakthrough!

On the way back we went to Ikea, I just couldn’t resist since we were quite close and you always need more tea lights don’t you? Actually the girls love it there, and I felt brave enough on a weekday to go. They just ran around jumping on the sofas and in and out of the beds, playing with all the toys and all that. Maybe it’s because I don’t spend so much time with them or maybe it’s just because we were all so happy but I loved chasing them around, despite the looks of some of the other shoppers…

On the way back Eliza and I got into a very interesting conversation whilst Tilly had a sleep:

“Mummy, I want to go on a unicorn,” said with a deeply thoughtful frown.

“Really? Right okay, but they can be a bit tricky.”

“Yes Mummy. They fly quite high and Tilly would be scared so she couldn’t go on one could she?”

“No, definitely not.”

“She can go on a donkey.”

“Yes. Good idea.”

I continued driving wondering where the sudden desire to fly on a unicorn came from and actually do unicorns fly? I thought they were like horses but with a horn on their heads. Shows what I know.

“Mummy. Do you like sea urchins?”

“Sea urchins? Erm, well I don’t not like them but they can be a bit spiky so no not really.”

“Do you like frogs?”

“I don’t mind them. Do you?”

“No. They are a bit scary.”

“Scary? No they’re not, they are very friendly.”

“Hmm..” a pause for thought.

“Mummy, do you like poo?”

“No not really.”

I won’t continue because I expect you can guess where that conversation went. Much giggling from her, much trying not to giggle from me.

But the real rush of love came this evening when they were in the bath. They were both playing separately with their various toys (thanks IKEA) when Eliza suddenly snatched the plastic thing that Tilly was playing with.  Normally Tilly wouldn’t bat an eyelid and I’d ask Eliza to say sorry and not to snatch and all that stuff.  Instead Tilly surprised me. She turned to her big sister and said,

“No ‘Iza, that’s not nice.” I was amazed but as if that wasn’t enough…

“Say sorry!” Bless her!  The worm has turned, no longer will she be in her big sister’s shadow.

Go Tilly!!


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