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Memories of pregnancy

There are not many things that make me think wistfully about pregnancy, for me it was mostly heartburn, bloating and chronic tiredness (little did I know that would never change), but maternity clothing is one such thing.  I know that sounds odd. In fact I never thought I’d say that because the best I managed at the time was a pair of jeans that didn’t make me look about one hundred stone heavier and a few ‘floaty’ tops. But since I’m not pregnant and have no intention of being so again the designers at http://www.mamasandpapas.com/cat/maternity-clothes/ have come up with some gorgeous maternity dresses for the summer. Isn’t that always the way?

There is one maternity dress in particular that I’ll be recommending to a good friend of mine who is pregnant with her second, a maxi in a lovely midnight blue.

I took Eliza to a party recently and I was chatting to one of the other mums who was pregnant about her preparations for number 2. She was very excited about the arrival (not due till July) but felt certain she’d forget to get something ready in time. But I reminded her that new babies don’t really need a whole lot other than their Mum and Dad, milk and somewhere to sleep (a basket, a cot, a drawer, a box). Yet we all get our knickers in a twist about decorating the nursery and childproofing the house, which in reality, couldn’t matter less to a newborn. When the biggest concern in your life is when the next meal’s coming the colour of the walls is irrelevant, not forgetting that in fact newborns can’t see all that far ahead anyway.

So I assured her in a far nicer way that this post might suggest, that she’d be fine. That an age gap of 3 years would be perfect and that it would be good that her eldest was at nursery twice a week because trying to manage two at once can get a bit full on when it’s every day (I speak from bitter, joyful experience).

The weather is set to last for the whole weekend which means two very wet children as they splash about in the paddling pool again tomorrow (hopefully). We had a lovely day with my best friend and her two lovely girls today. The sun makes life good on the whole doesn’t it? There’s always something trying to get you down but a sunny day with your best friend is like a metaphorical two fingers up at misery.


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