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Coming up roses

We’re very much into gardening in this mummy’s house, the girls tend to sow all the seeds right next to each other so our flowers grow in clumps but you can’t have everything can you?  Anyway we have been doing some gardening overhauling in preparation for the summer.  The main thing we need to do is sort out the lawn, we need to look at lawn care advice to get it all green and lush and be the envy of all our neighbours (and my Dad, he’s always upset about his mossy lawn).
Planting in a pretty dress, well why not?
We planted some flower seeds a few weeks ago, just cornflowers and nasturtiums from seed, sweet peas and veggies from little plants and the seeds are coming up now. Only I think I’m slightly more excited than Eliza and Tilly over this phenomenon. To me the idea that something we put in the ground would actually grow is beyond thrilling. Who needs fast cars and designer clothes when you have half an inch of greenery sprouting in the shrubbery? 
Tilly’s yet to figure out her shoe size
We’ve also had some trees taken down. They were rotten in the middle apparently and my super-cautious husband didn’t want to risk them coming down on the children… Anyway the result is that our garden looks rather large now and the lawn is very much on show.  Time for some lawn care clearly, must keep up with Joneses in Grownupsville. 

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