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The times they are a-changing

So things have changed considerably for me lately.

I was made redundant a few weeks ago. Hang out the bunting I’m a free woman. No more 9-5. Gone is the guilt, the stress, the commute. There’s a zillion and one different emotions floating about my head about this, fear, rejection, opportunity, excitement, relief to name but four. But mostly I’m happy. In a way that I haven’t been for some considerable time, perhaps even since I went back to work after having Tilly. My life was one big compromise. Now it’s my life on my terms (with a new frugal attitude!).

Suffice it to say I should be enjoying this new life of leisure. I should be making the most of having my nanny till the end of the month (she’s on notice), I should be gardening, cycling, running, having lunch, shopping.

Well I’ve done a few nice 20 milers with my Dad and explored some beautiful countryside, I’ve done a few exhausting runs (and even saw a deer on one of them – LOVE the country), but as for lunch and shopping, well that’s a bit tough when you’ve just lost your job and you have a monstrous mortgage to cover.

And after all I am a working girl at heart, just not a working-at-the-expense-of-seeing-my-kids girl. There is a difference.

So I’ve put all my energy (and I have a considerable amount since my ‘release’) into setting up my own business.  I’m incredibly excited about it, I mean really, butterflies-in-tummy excited about it. The thought of being my own boss is thrilling, I just can’t go back to what I did before and I think flexible working is a way off in my industry.

I get doubts occasionally but I pretty much stamp on them and tell myself that this will be as successful as I choose to make it. It’s about time, commitment and passion. I have the last two in spades and I’m rapidly running out of the first. But I’ll find a way. We do don’t we? It’s how people like me are programmed.

I had a fairly major glitch with things when I discovered I needed to change something pretty fundamental yesterday but by early next week that will be sorted and I’ll be able to tell you all about it. And rest assured I will!  And as my faithful blog readers they’ll be some special things in store for you too.

Watch this space!

Wish me luck ;)

ps: If you’ve stopped by to see the winner of the gorgeous Spotty Button tea set competition, I’m afraid that’s been delayed and will be announced tomorrow. So if you haven’t entered yet then why not give it a go?


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