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And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who entered the Spotty Button competition to win this gorgeous children’s picnic tea set.  As promised the winner was selected at random (a process that involved putting names in a hat and asking Eliza to pick the winner, she has a very strong sense of fair play I might add).

She pulled out….drum roll….

Muddling Along Mummy!

Well done Muddling, the lovely lady from Spotty Button will be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your prize.

My feral child
I sometimes feel that my blog header with the two sweet butter-wouldn’t-melt girls is rather misleading. I had it made when Eliza was still a baby really and Tilly was tiny. I might have hoped that when they reached 2 and 3 they’d be sweetness and light and most of the time they are. But by way of proving that appearances can be deceptive, I’d just to mention this.  Eliza said to me this morning:

“Mummy I need a wee.”

“Off you go then.”

“No I want to do a wee in the garden.”

“Really? But it’s very early” (like 7am, as if any other time this would be entirely acceptable.)

“Yes. I’m going into the garden.”

And she did, but she came back first with her pj bottoms “in case she got wee on them.” Sure enough she trotted onto the lawn without a care in the world and wee’d.  I’m sure it makes good fertilizer.


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