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Fear, loathing and loss of balance

Remember her?

I have this theory that no matter how old I get, how responsible I ought to be and how much I try and tell myself not to do it, there will always be occasions when I drink too much.  There will also be occasions where I drink on an empty stomach and so it follows that there will occasions when I lose my balance. In public. And fall over rather spectacularly.

The bit I am becoming increasingly worried about is the memory loss.  Because that is what creates the fear and loathing.  Fear of what on earth happened and loathing of myself for being so bloody stupid.

It is safe to say that my former colleagues probably saw another side to me on Wednesday night as we had a few (read many) drinks to say goodbye.  My backside as I went arse over tit actually. I have since been told that my bag spilled out over the floor too.  If only I had removed the tube of Canesten.  The shame of it.

So…this is a new stage in my life. It’s very exciting and I pledge I will not lose my balance again.


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