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Where is everyone?

These were Tilly’s first words this morning when she woke up. It’s a reasonable question given that when she went to bed yesterday the remnants of her party guests were still milling about. And what a little party girl she was. Despite spending rather a lot of time in her new Wendy House (or Windy House as Eliza calls it), she was the life and soul.

She has many admirers, I think it’s because she’s a very gentle soul. People are quite spellbound by her, I’m sure she’s been here before. I desperately want to cuddle her and kiss her but she’s very much a Daddy’s girl right now. But that makes up for her big sister with whom I have a rather intense relationship.

We had a lovely day, largely thanks to my wonderful family in-law who really rose to occasion, baking cakes, making sandwiches, pretty much looking after everything so all I had to do was buy a few pink paper plates. Everyone kept saying what a brilliant job I’d done and I really had done very little.

I have no idea how many people we had, but I suspect him indoors and I ought to communicate on party invites more since neither of us knew how many to expect.  Suffice to say there were many, many babies, a plethora of toddlers and a whole rampage of 3+. Eliza had 3 outfit changes in all (skirt & top, Belle dress, ballet outfit) and Tilly was very much the birthday girl with chocolate cake all over her face and hair. ‘Atta girl!

Today we took it easy (ish).  Him indoors played a long awaited game of golf and the girls and I went to the park, played games, played in the Wendy House and generally had a very nice day together.  In fact my day started well when Eliza and Tilly both let me ‘do’ their hair. This is a breakthrough of great magnitude. It’s one of the things that their Nanny always did without so much as a whimper from the girls, but me? Forget it. I may as well have asked them if I could pluck their eyebrows.  I thought that today was just luck but then I actually managed to wash their hair with no dramas too.  Just a shame Eliza point blank refused to eat my cod in cheese sauce.  Ah well, there’s still time.

Here’s my little Tilly this time last year.


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