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The new life dawns

So I have left work, I have set up Mabel & Milo, I will also be doing some various freelance stuff through the summer.  Up until now I have still had my nanny as she was working her notice.  But this week will be the first week without her and without any childcare.

So I have set my expectations fairly low. I’m thinking I will have achieved something if:

- they eat breakfast without throwing it all over the kitchen
- ditto lunch
- ditto dinner
- Eliza tolerates me putting her hair in a ponytail
- Eliza goes out without wearing her Princess Belle dress
- Tilly has a clean nappy for at least some of the day
- I manage to raise my voice only once
- I get to listen to the radio not the wheels on the sodding bus in the car
- they both have a bath and agree to be washed

Things I am utterly shitting myself about in the coming months include:

- potty training Tilly – hence Pampers are helping me out on that score (thank you God).
- getting Eliza to look a little less urchin like for nursery
- remaining sane
- my tendency to rely on alcohol

Should be a breeze right?


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