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Day 4

So Day 4 in my new life as stay-at-home-more-than-I-did-before-mum and what have I learnt?

1. Tilly is a proper chatterbox. She copies EVERYTHING I say and that Eliza says.
2. My girls are good friends. Tilly hero-worships Eliza.
3. They ask a hell of a lot of questions.
4. They bloody love repetition.  This morning I was asked to retell the story of Rapunzel 7 times.  I made it up. I think I got it right. But I have to say the idea of a handsome prince climbing up her hair on a regular basis seemed a little bit strange. But then no stranger than an old witch doing it. They both wanted a piece of pretty Rapunzel clearly. Weird.
5. My years at art college were well worth it. I am bloody brilliant at making dinosaurs.
6. Tilly is a good artist. Age 2. Yes she really is!
7. My kids make me laugh. A lot.
8. It’s stressful at times but in an entirely different way to working full time.
9. When one door closes many more seem to open.
10. It’s actually fun.

Okay, so I’m knackered and I need that glass of wine more than I might have done before (at the end of the day I must add. Although Eliza asks me when I put her to bed if I’ve been drinking wine. Blimey).

It’s good.

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