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The Chad Valley Play Tent: Review

We were lucky enough to review the Chad Valley Play Tent and also the Chad Valley Playhouse. I’ll start with the tent which has become a permanent fixture in my father’s garden for when we go and play over there and then tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Playhouse that has been donated to a friend who was looking for a wendy house.

So the tent.

It has 3 separate bits. A typical tent part that the children can hide in or play tea-parties or sardines as was the case at Tilly’s birthday party.  Then it is attached to a tall cylindrical tent by a long tunnel.  As you can imagine this provides hours of fun for little people who like to crawl along confined spaces (they’ll grow out of that!).  It’s well worth having in the garden for the summer, but do remember to put it away when the wind starts blowing like it has recently.  I found ours on top of the log pile the other day..

In other news Eliza and I have just baked a cake. I feel almost perfect as a mother.


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