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Bedtime stories

Lately we have a bedtime story routine. Tilly gets Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum and Dear Zoo. I do vary it occasionally but kids like routine don’t they? Knowing what’s coming next makes them feel safe and I know it’ll work (clearly it’s entirely selfish). 
At the moment Eliza gets The Smartest Giant in Town, Room on the Broom and Monkey Puzzle.  I do love the Julia Donaldson books, but mostly I love Axel Scheffler’s illustrations. The gentle rhyme of the verse and way the sentences are constructed seem to lull Eliza to sleep. At any rate they calm her down (and that’s pretty bloody amazing).  In fact I wrote about Julia Donaldson’s crowing as Children’s Laureate on the very wonderful www.Reallykidfriendly.com, a brilliant website for all things family friendly that I am looking after while the lovely Janis is away. 
So anyway as I’m reading Monkey Puzzle to Eliza for about the 50,000 time, she asks me, for about the 50,000 time why the bat is sleeping in the tree. 
“Because bats like sleeping in the day time.”
“Because they don’t like the day time, the sun is too bright for their eyes.”
“The sun is too bright for my eyes Mummy too.”
“Is it?” (good lord is this some massive issue I have overlooked and my daughter has sun-blindness..)
“Yes and I wake up all night too.  So I’m like a bat.”
“Yes I suppose you are.  You are nocturnal.”
“Nocterrnal.” she says, rolling the word around to see how it sounds coming out of her mouth. 
“Yes Mummy. I am nocturnal.”
Out of the mouth of babes and all that…
By the way I haven’t mentioned this before but I am going to Cybermummy on Saturday. I am looking forward to it and I’m most excited because my old friend Jane aka northern mum with southern children is going to. 
Are you going? 
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